Global Management Forum 2017

Javier Tebas, president of Spain's National Professional Football League, speaks to the Nikkei Asian Review on Nov. 8. (Photo by Kotaro Igarashi)


Spain's soccer league on track to double Asian audience by 2020

President aims for 400m viewers with convenient match times and enhanced footage

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    Western Digital CEO 'committed' to Toshiba joint ventures

    Steve Milligan says every organization needs a healthy dose of conflict

  • Global Management Forum

    Spanish soccer boss sees green pastures in Asia and online

    La Liga's Javier Tebas says his sport must adapt to digital change

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    Thailand's The Mall seeks partner to fend off Alibaba and Amazon

    Tourists and sociable Thais keep chief upbeat as global players move in

  • Interview

    Uniqlo operator to increase variety of Muslim wear

    But Fast Retailing's Yanai remains cautious on taking localization too far

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    Indonesian energy conglomerate looks abroad for power-plant expansion

    Adaro Energy CEO bullish on coal, keeps 'self-disruption' effort by diversifying

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    Asahi Group CEO envisions 'fully unmanned' brewing

    Naoki Izumiya's keys to growth: top-down innovation, smart global deals

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    Top Chinese panel maker says no plans for overseas facilities

    BOE Technology chief is 'open' to possible JDI, JOLED deal

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    Ratan Tata: New group chief taking more action than ousted Mistry

    Patriarch open to discussing Tata Motors restructuring with Chandrasekaran

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    Tadashi Yanai on truth, goodness and the Uniqlo way

    That way, the fast-fashion pioneer insists, will not include Amazon sales

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    Indonesia's Adaro Energy willing to further diversify

    In disruption and risk session, Japan's MS&AD chief says 'speed' is key

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    Mechanical watches show 'certainty' still sells: IWC chief

    Christoph Grainger-Herr sees room for both old and new tech

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    Innovate or die, says chief of China's top panel maker

    BOE Technology branches out to harness IoT opportunities

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    Find partners and take advantage of disruptive tech: KPMG head

    Old-new combination is 'winning solution' in uncertain world, says Bill Thomas

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    Diverse talent makes the difference for conglomerates: Mitsui CEO

    Tatsuo Yasunaga urges market to stop undervaluing multifaceted groups

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    Ratan Tata isn't afraid of disruption in business or politics

    Indian industrialist says Modi's reforms are for the 'long-term good'