Hong Kong handover: 20 years on

Protesters dressed in prison uniforms led by lawmaker Claudia Mo Man-ching, third from left in front, carry a banner reading "political prisoners are innocent." (Photo by Kenji Kawase)

Thousands march in Hong Kong to demand release of 'political prisoners'

Turnout exceeds organizers' expectations on a hot Sunday afternoon

  • Hong Kong protesters demand Liu Xiaobo receive overseas care

    Nobel laureate in critical condition, Western doctors want him moved

  • It is China's Hong Kong now

  • Xi Jinping may come to rue his strong-arm tactics

    The denizens of Beijing and Shanghai could also turn feisty

  • Xi Jinping says it's 1 country more than 2 systems

    New Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is immediately put on the spot

  • Mass protests hit Hong Kong hours after Xi Jinping's departure

    Chinese president issues stern warning on challenge to Beijing's authority

  • Xi: HK independence attempt 'absolutely impermissible'

    President says Hong Kong has benefited from China's economic growth at handover anniversary event

  • Beijing's crackdown on Hong Kong is alienating Taiwan

    'One country, two systems' was aimed at the island; now it has little appeal

  • Mixed results of Hong Kong banks' entanglement with mainland capital

    Credit rating agencies warn China exposure as top risk for lenders

  • Local Chinese troops greet Xi with their largest-ever ceremony in Hong Kong

    Many items banned from gathering, including tablets, pens and umbrellas

  • Hong Kong markets feel the crush of mainland money

    Mainland offshore financing needs tint local IPOs and property market

  • Interview

    Hong Kong's iffy future 20 years after handover

    Not much thought given to 'democracy, freedom and human rights'

  • Hong Kong capitalists reap rewards of cozy Communist ties

    But the gravy train may be nearing the end of the line

  • With Xi in Hong Kong, demonstrators demand release of Nobel laureate

    Hundreds gather to support terminally ill Liu Xiaobo

  • Xi Jinping in Hong Kong to 'show support, plan for future'

    Security on high alert as Chinese president is greeted with protests

  • Kid gloves come off 20 years after Hong Kong handover

    A far more powerful Beijing sees less of a need for special treatment

  • Frustration grows among Hong Kong's 'betrayed generation'

    Sky-high living costs and dwindling freedoms fuel youth hostility toward Beijing

  • Hong Kong investors hope Xi comes bearing gifts during visit

    Shares rising in companies poised to gain from financial, physical links to mainland

  • Rage spreads over belated parole of Liu Xiaobo

    Beijing criticized for not giving access to proper treatment

  • Xi and carrier add firepower to Hong Kong handover party

    Beijing hopes to send a message and stir patriotism, but protests are likely