Kobe Steel data scandal

Japanese employees often stay in line and avoid reporting wrongdoing at their companies, as they have little protection against being fired in retaliation.

Japan seeks firmer protections for corporate whistleblowers

Fear of retaliation perpetuates poor internal controls

  • Toyota says Kobe Steel scandal has not affected its vehicles

    Automaker finishes checks on materials bought from embattled steelmaker

  • Kobe Steel under a klieg light in US over data fakery

    Disgraced materials maker might end up paying dearly for its sins

  • Kobe Steel demotes three executives over data cheating

    Decision on leadership's fate put off as external investigation requires time

  • Kobe Steel fraud delays Japan's plans to restart reactors

    Data falsification mess spreads to country's weakened electric suppliers

  • Kobe Steel to lose industry certification for another product

    Second type of copper pipe to be disqualified due to data falsification

  • Kobe Steel investing to prevent data falsification

    Scandal-ridden steelmaker plans inspection automation, quality control division

  • Kobe Steel, focused on performance, overlooked quality scandal

    Internal probe blames 'closed organizational culture' stifling whistleblowers

  • Kobe Steel trapped in endless chain of scandals

    Diversification strategy and complacency have distracted from efforts to change

  • Scandal clouds prospects for Kobe Steel's turnaround

    Faked aluminum, copper data hits heart of steelmaker's plans to diversify

  • Kobe Steel withdraws profit forecast, halts dividend payouts

    Japan's megabanks said preparing to assist steelmaker as share, bond prices drop

  • Japan's mega banks consider 50bn yen in loans to Kobe Steel

    Troubled steelmaker would use funds if facing difficulty rolling over bonds

  • Kobe Steel to stop dividend payment after facing earnings uncertainty

    Embattled steelmaker to make announcement today when releasing 2Q earnings

  • Atsushi Osanai

    Kobe Steel -- quality trap

    High technical standards could have created room for cheating

  • Kobe Steel products lose Japan's quality seal as scandal widens

    More faked data further undermines trust among industrial clients

  • Kobe Steel president to call press conference at 3 p.m. in Tokyo

    Hiroya Kawasaki is expected to talk about the recent data falsification scandal

  • Some Kobe Steel clients less forthcoming on safety numbers

    While rail operators offer details on components, carmakers only say parts safe

  • Kobe Steel fesses up to more data cheating

    New cover-up, involvement of more units come to light

  • Kobe Steel falsified data even after internal investigation

    Management failed to notice data fabrication continued

  • Bank of Japan faces dilemma over troubled Kobe Steel bonds

    BOJ might have bought some, getting investors off the hook