Kobe Steel data scandal

Some Kobe Steel clients less forthcoming on safety numbers

While rail operators offer details on components, carmakers only say parts safe

  • Kobe Steel fesses up to more data cheating

    New cover-up, involvement of more units come to light

  • Kobe Steel falsified data even after internal investigation

    Management failed to notice data fabrication continued

  • Bank of Japan faces dilemma over troubled Kobe Steel bonds

    BOJ might have bought some, getting investors off the hook

  • Mistrust in Kobe Steel persists despite automakers' signoff

    Toyota, Honda among Japan carmakers seeking to soothe consumers' safety concerns

  • Kobe Steel: A century-old company in big trouble

    After pursuing diversification over size, maker faces huge challenge to rebuild

  • Toyota, Mazda, Honda say Kobe Steel aluminum parts are safe

    Announcement is first safety confirmation among automakers in Japan

  • EU aviation regulator issues advice on Kobe Steel parts

    Recommends airlines not to use parts whose safety could be at risk

  • US Justice Department seeks documents on Kobe Steel scandal

    Automakers GM and Ford are looking into the effects of the data doctoring

  • Kobe Steel briefs creditor banks for first time in scandal

    Impact on earnings from data-doctoring still unknown, steelmaker says

  • Steven Bleistein

    Is Japan rotten to the core? No

    Corporate mismanagement is to blame for Kobe Steel scandal not national culture

  • Kobe Steel plants faked quality data for decades

    Cheating 'manuals' backed systemic fraud under succession of managers

  • Blame mismanagement for tarnishing the 'Made in Japan' label

    Kobe Steel CEO expected workers to boost production with grit alone

  • Kobe Steel again pays for its lax compliance

    Potential recalls threaten to dent earnings that had been on the mend

  • Kobe Steel scandal widens to steel products, 500 customers

    Data fraud revealed at group company plants in China, Malaysia and Thailand

  • Kobe Steel cheating scandal goes global

    Daimler, Airbus, GE among the 30-plus victims beyond Japanese shores

  • Kobe Steel's data fraud now tarnishes core business

    JR West hints at seeking compensation for cost of bullet train parts

  • Kobe Steel says more malpractice could emerge

    Scandal spreads to US as GM, Ford launch probes, trust 'reduced to zero'

  • Kobe Steel scandal: Five legal dangers facing company

    Experts say data falsification could lead to huge damages, even criminal penalties

  • Kobe Steel chief apologizes to industry ministry over falsified data