Park Geun-hye scandal

South Korea's Park Geun-hye denies all charges at first hearing

Impeached, imprisoned former president says all charges based on speculation

  • Park scandal leaves Korean business lobby in shrunken role

    Budget shrivels as deep-pocket memebers Samsung, Hyundai flee

  • South Korea's Park removes seven of nine lawyers defending her

    Deposed president's team was likely at odds over the defense strategy

  • Centrist Ahn quickly gaining support in South Korea election

    Clear focus on security draws people uneasy with liberal front-runner Moon

  • South Korean presidential front-runner sets bold liberal agenda

    Moon Jae-in handily wins nomination of leading opposition party

  • Park scandal forcing rethink of cozy public-private ties

    Klieg light on Samsung strikes fear into South Korea's biggest businesses

  • Park's arrest boosts Moon, top liberal presidential hopeful

    Conservatives struggle to catch up in South Korean special election

  • Fall from grace the latest twist in Park's tumultuous life

    South Korean ex-leader is no stranger to adversity

  • South Korean scandal reaches climax with arrest of Park

    Former president faces string of charges

  • Chaebol play both villain and hero in South Korea's tale

    Samsung's woes reveal complex public attitude toward family-run empires

  • Moon rises above rivals in South Korea election

    Former chief of opposition party wins decisive lead in first primary

  • South Korean prosecutors seek Park's arrest

    Seoul court to decide Thursday amid public pressure

  • Revolt from the middle led to Park's demise

    Centrist voters are increasingly playing a key role in South Korean politics

  • Park maintains innocence in 14-hour grilling

    Prosecutors could still move to arrest ousted South Korean leader

  • Seoul prosecutors set to grill Park in corruption probe

    Stripped of presidential immunity, ex-leader can't avoid the hot seat anymore

  • South Korea's right lacks clear leader ahead of May 9 vote

    Leftists dominating snap presidential race after Park's impeachment

  • South Korean Presidential hopefuls split on working with Park supporters

    Democratic Party candidates leading in race slated for early May

  • After Park's impeachment, focus turns to chaebol reform

    Economic problems will hinder successor's efforts to untangle cozy political ties

  • South Korea set for foreign policy shift following Park's exit

    A liberal president could ease stance on North Korea, China

  • Park failed to spark South Korean economy, revamp industry

    Impeached president's 'Second Miracle on the Han River' never materialized