Rohingya crisis

Rohingya villagers at Kutupalong refugee camp near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, on Jan. 23. (Photo by Yuichi Nitta).

Rohingya wary of returning to Myanmar without guarantees

Suu Kyi's government unmoved by Muslim minority's demands for citizenship

  • Myanmar's rush to resolve Rohingya crisis backfires

    Logistics, security issues remain over return of refugees from Bangladesh

  • Japan stands by Myanmar, lest China gain favor

    But a dicey human rights record could bring Tokyo criticism by association

  • Myanmar soldiers killed 10 Rohingya, military says

    First admission of guilt expected to fuel stronger global condemnation

  • Myanmar's China, Japan ties bring breathing room on Rohingya

    Suu Kyi's government adamant that no evidence of abuses exists

  • Pressure mounts on Myanmar to free 2 Reuters reporters

    UN and EU lead condemnation over detention of men covering Rohingya

  • Rohingya death toll in Myanmar attacks tops 6,700, aid group says

    Doctors Without Borders also criticizes return proposal as premature

  • UN official urges accountability for Rohingya 'ethnic cleansing'

    Security Council meets to discuss ongoing crisis

  • China defends Myanmar as UN condemns Rohingya violence

    Resolution adopted, India, Japan among nine abstentions

  • Myanmar and Bangladesh reach deal to repatriate Rohingya

    Refugees to start returning in two months, with details still up in the air

  • EU pushes Myanmar for speedy end to refugee crisis

    Suu Kyi stresses threats from illegal migration and extremism

  • UN rebukes Myanmar rights violations against Rohingya

    Country rejects resolution calling for accountability against military

  • Tensions over Rohingya return highlight donor dilemmas

    Moves to redistribute northern Rakhine land complicate refugee return plans

  • UN rights expert urges 'immediate' action on Rohingya crisis

    Unclear whether China would support Security Council response

  • Interview

    Myanmar minister: Rohingya repatriation can begin in November

    Return could take 10 years to complete due to complex verification process

  • Leaked report fuels Myanmar 'blame game'

    Critics blame UN official, but broader responsibility rests at higher levels

  • Rohingya crisis raises risks of terrorism and social unrest

    Refugee influx burdens Bangladesh with an 'impossible' task

  • Interview

    In her own words: Aung San Suu Kyi speaks to the Nikkei Asian Review

    Myanmar's leader discusses Rakhine, the economy and international relations

  • Interview

    Bangladesh minister rebuts Suu Kyi arguments on Rohingya

    'New fires' seen as refugee flow outpaces last year's Mediterranean crossings

  • Interview

    Aung San Suu Kyi defends policies, points to broader investigations

    Looking at the Rohingya crisis and beyond, Myanmar's leader discusses issues facing her government