South Korea presidential election

  • Moon Jae-in strikes soft tone on North Korea, missile system

    President appoints new leadership team upon inauguration

  • Moon takes Korean stocks for a ride in post-election trading

    Hopes for expansionary policy go hand-in-hand with profit taking

  • John Burton

    Moon Jae-in faces a dilemma on North Korea

    South Korea's new president may have to toe the US line

  • South Korea's election panel confirms Moon as president

    Progressive candidate wins by 17 points with opposition split

  • South Koreans opt for fresh start with progressive Moon

    Satisfying voters will be tough amid growing inequality, geopolitical tensions

  • Moon's rise could threaten 'final' deal on wartime women

    Debates over Japan's past seen bleeding into the present

  • Japan awaits policy signals from South Korea's Moon

    Still no assurance on restarting talks for currency swap deal

  • Moon seeks early talks with North Korea

    Conciliatory approach could undermine united front against regime

  • Tokyo feels out new dynamic with Seoul under Moon

    Lack of ties to South Korean left hinders relationship-building

  • South Korea elects Moon on promises of jobs, chaebol reform

    Moon's government will concentrate on an expansionary fiscal policy

  • South Korean voters veer to the left

    Their mandate is clear -- restructure an entire society

  • Once-jailed activist now president of South Korea

    Son of North Korean refugees, Moon Jae-in promises to 'invest in people'

  • Moon set to win South Korean presidency

    Progressive seeks economic reform, rapprochement with North

  • South Korean presidential election sees high voter turnout

    Candidates split over THAAD deployment, economic policy

  • South Korea presidential polls open

    Liberal Moon is odds-on favorite with conservative and centrist opposition split

  • South Korea poll stirs political awakening among young

    New generation rounds on cronyism and inequities of society

  • Run-up to South Korean election reveals mixed feelings on China sanctions

    Nation to choose new president amid controversy over THAAD deployment

  • South Koreans feel strain as labor inequality deepens

    Resentment at unequal treatment of irregular workers simmers ahead of election

  • David S. Lee

    South Korean vote in play as presidential campaign winds up

    Party, regional loyalties count less but governance challenges await winner

  • South Korea's presidential hopefuls promise break with the past

    Public ire over corruption, inequality gives candidates powerful ammunition