South Korea presidential election

  • Denuclearization before talks, South Korea's Ahn says

    Centrist candidate takes tough line on North weeks before election

  • South Koreans fuming over Trump-Xi chat

    Blue House contenders vow to 'correct' remark on peninsula's history

  • Top South Korean candidates take harder line on North

    Rising friction fuels conservative ire at pro-rapprochement policies

  • 'Shy voters' changing landscape of South Korea presidential race

    Quiet conservatives making voices heard as Moon Jae-in, Ahn Cheol-soo court their votes

  • Widening income gap tops list of voter gripes in South Korea

    Presidential candidates vowing to tackle inequality face an uphill battle

  • South Korea's Moon: The man who dares to say no to America

    Presidential front-runner riles rivals with talk of engaging with the North

  • Corporate tax debate heats up in South Korea amid presidential race

    Mayor of Seoul suburb suggests raising it to 30% while others more cautious