Thailand's Yingluck saga

Thai stocks soared after former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, shown here in Bangkok on Aug. 1, skipped her court date. Investors had feared possible protests by Yingluck's supporters had she been handed a prison sentence. © AP

Yingluck's courtroom no-show sends Thai stocks to 2-year high

Investors relieved no widespread protests erupted over potential sentencing

  • Thaksin Shinawatra breaks silence after 2 years

    Former Thai PM tweets against tyranny dressed up as justice

  • Thai junta drives a $2bn wedge into Shinawatra clan's base

    Military touts infrastructure for poor areas just as Yingluck leaves scene

  • Yingluck's exodus may have been assisted by junta: Thai media

    Her whereabouts a mystery, some say former PM has landed in Dubai

  • Thaksin's party loses icon again

    Former prime minister may join brother Thaksin as fugitive exile

  • Thailand's Yingluck claims illness, fails to appear in court

    Former PM faces arrest as reading of verdict in rice-subsidy trial postponed

  • Tensions mount as Yingluck judgment day closes in

    Ruling on former Thai Prime Minister likely to reignite tension

  • Yingluck looks to future in final court appearance

    Ousted Thai leader defies junta and reaches out to voters as trial nears end

  • Thai rice politics boiling ahead of Yingluck trial verdict

    Government seeks to cut production as export market returns to normal

  • Thitinan Pongsudhirak

    Thailand counts the cost of three lost decades

    The country must reverse course to resume political and economic progress

  • Thai junta clamps down on social media ahead of promised election

    Three years after its coup, nation's calm is deceptive

  • Thailand faces uphill battle on anti-corruption campaign

    Recent scandals show that Thai military junta has much to do to tackle graft

  • Ex-Thai premier fined $1bn over rice subsidy scheme