The Trump effect

  • US sail-by in South China Sea puts heat back on Beijing

    First operation near man-made island under Trump a nod to China hawks

  • Unity against terror on agenda at Trump's first NATO summit

    Defense spending levels also at issue for alliance that president once called 'obsolete'

  • Trump's haphazard approach to Middle East may compound risks

    US leader seems most focused on overwriting Obama's legacy

  • North Korea to be focus of planned US-South Korea summit

    Top policy advisers agree to consider range of options on Pyongyang

  • In sharp reversal, Sino-American trade relations improve

    Both gain via concessions on beef imports, Belt and Road Initiative

  • Trump's unpredictability leaves Asia adrift and anxious: experts

    US becoming a destabilizing force, former Obama administration official says

  • Moon, Trump agree by phone to work closely on North Korea

    Leaders discuss visits, but no mention of controversial anti-missile system

  • Duterte asks Trump to be prudent with North Korea

    Philippine president says Kim Jong Un 'simply wants to end the world'

  • US threatens North Korea, courts China

    Washington tries playing nice with Beijing while twisting its arm, too

  • All bluff and bluster? Trump's first 100 days

    Lackluster record raises question of whether president is sailing blind

  • US turns up heat on North Korea as national milestone nears

    Washington pressures Beijing to take harder line on neighbor

  • Risk of casualties seen staying US' hand in North Korea

    South Korean experts see all-out assault exacting heavy civilian toll

  • India's IT companies face heaviest blow from US visa overhaul

    Bid to boost American jobs could block flow of engineers from Asian nation

  • Pence 'grateful' for Japanese companies creating jobs in US

    Vice president awarded in Tokyo for contributions to bilateral business ties

  • Japan-US dialogue seen sticking to basics for now

    Uncertainty over Washington's approach leaves Tokyo on guard

  • Southeast Asian capitals bristle at Trump's trade probe

    Jakarta, Bangkok, others deny claims of currency advantage

  • North Korea should see no bluff in 'mother of all bombs'

    Washington's strike in Afghanistan is mother of all hints to Pyongyang

  • Trump adds currency policy to diplomatic arsenal

    Tokyo left at a loss as yen gains against dollar

  • US to give diplomacy a chance in dealing with North Korea

    Armed strike still a possibility, Washington informs Tokyo

  • Japan, US wrestle over agenda for economic dialogue

    Two sides at odds over focusing on trade imbalances