The Trump effect

  • North Korea should see no bluff in 'mother of all bombs'

    Washington's strike in Afghanistan is mother of all hints to Pyongyang

  • Trump adds currency policy to diplomatic arsenal

    Tokyo left at a loss as yen gains against dollar

  • US to give diplomacy a chance in dealing with North Korea

    Armed strike still a possibility, Washington informs Tokyo

  • Japan, US wrestle over agenda for economic dialogue

    Two sides at odds over focusing on trade imbalances

  • Japan, US working groups will duel on economic cooperation

    Aso, Pence kick off bilateral dialogue next week

  • Pyongyang ratchets up anti-US rhetoric

    Pre-emptive strike threat latest salvo in back-and-forth with Washington

  • US strike on Syria sends investors rushing for safety

    Dollar falls, gold rises; Trump says Assad 'choked out' civilian lives

  • Son vs Yanai -- Who played the Trump card?

    Both leaders beat Toyota by making maximum impact, says expert

  • Trump, Xi to meet in first summit next month

    North Korea and trade likely to dominate the talks

  • Amid doubts over US role in trade, Australia jumps at beef deal with China

    Canberra need not choose between the two powers, Turnbull reiterates

  • Gold rallies on uncertainty about Trump's economic policies

    Rise to three-week high also follows Fed caution on rate hikes

  • Trump's shifting China views raise specter of Asian turmoil

    Beijing taking advantage of US president's penchant for deals

  • Trump budget sends mixed signals to nuclear industry

    R&D cuts add to fears of decline despite restart of waste disposal project

  • Trump puts Toyota back on hot seat over US jobs

    Automaker must juggle demand for new plants with domestic pledge

  • Japan braces for tough trade talks with old US hand

    Farm, auto exports high on Trump administration's agenda

  • China's top chipmaker downplays rivalry with US

    SMIC chairman says Chinese semiconductor companies are still too weak

  • Japan trade deal a 'very high priority': US commerce chief

    NAFTA renegotiation stays atop Washington's trade to-do list, Ross says

  • 'King of Capital' joins hands with Donald Trump

    Presidential adviser and Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman holds a key to U.S. growth

  • Asia remains major focus of US diplomacy

    Top Trump officials to visit Asia, underscore US recommitment to region

  • Xi eyes US visit as Beijing mends fences

    Summit sought as soon as April to prepare for party congress