The Trump effect

  • US disdain for WTO threatens global trade order

    Trump shifts focus to domestic laws under protectionist approach

  • World awaits Trump reaction to North Korea missile upgrade

    Technology progressing faster than anticipated

  • Trump sets trade agenda, refuses to bow to WTO

    Report to Congress fuels speculation on return of 'Super 301' cudgel

  • Trump address shows limits to his vision of 'greatness'

    Expansive promises, lack of planning risk eroding American power

  • Coming not so soon: Trump's 'historic' tax plan

    Tug of war over border adjustment tax could delay change until 2018 or beyond

  • Trump's defense splurge affirms American focus

    Budget plan cuts foreign aid, calls for more nukes

  • Sino-American relations come back to reality

    Both sides seek cooperation while steering clear of hot-button issues

  • Tomohiro Otsuki

    Foxconn accepts Trump's challenge, but will Terry Gou pull it off?

    Taiwan company wants to re-create the Chinese production model in the US

  • Trump's speech to Congress likely to have Reagan-like tone

    Stock market likes combination of tax cuts and big spending, but for how long?

  • US again presses China to get tough with North Korea

    Having just met foreign minister, Tillerson calls higher-ranking official

  • Conflicts of interest abound as Trump brand pivots to Asia

    Separation of politics from business easier said than done

  • Trump's pick of McMaster signals shift from pro-Russia tilt

    New national security adviser known for straight-talking style

  • China hints at pushback on US border tax

    Asia's biggest economy could appeal to WTO

  • Border tax draws battle lines in corporate America

    Overhaul would promote exports while penalizing imports

  • ASEAN prepares to gauge the Trump effect

    Regional foreign ministers gather for first post-Obama meeting

  • South Korean black swan may be about to spread its wings

    Seoul's biggest worry is that Trump administration reopens trade deal

  • US urges China to take tougher stance against North Korea

    Secretary of state also rules out military cooperation with Russia in Syria

  • Economic talks with US to start in April -- Finance Minister Aso

    Japanese ministries to prepare for 'comprehensive discussion'

  • Trump's protectionism will hit America hardest

    China is probably the most resilient of the unpredictable US president's targets

  • US, China set to begin wary diplomacy on G-20 sidelines

    Wang, Tillerson to talk economics, maritime advances at first official meeting