Toshiba in Turmoil

Toshiba's memory chip factory in Yokkaichi, Japan (Photo by Takuya Imai)

Toshiba calls extraordinary meeting for Oct. 24

Shareholders to vote on sale of flash memory unit to Bain-led group

  • Toshiba empire crumbles as talent, morale drain away

    Rivals have forged ahead with investment as unit sale process has dragged

  • Bain accord brings Toshiba Memory saga closer to resolution

    Legal action by spurned Western Digital still puts vital deal at risk

  • Toshiba picks Bain Capital as preferred memory unit buyer

    Japanese company aims to seal agreement 'soon,' as clock ticks on sale

  • Western Digital offers new concession in Toshiba memory bid

    Japanese group's board to weigh options as lender deadline nears

  • Apple, Dell join leading team vying for Toshiba Memory

    Move shows industry support for independent Toshiba, consortium head Bain Capital says

  • Fed-up banks draw red line on Toshiba Memory sale

    End-of-September credit deadline raises issues for both sides

  • Toshiba flip-flops, reconsidering Bain group for memory unit

    Differences with Western Digital force struggling company to woo former suitor

  • Toshiba signs memorandum with Bain to negotiate memory unit sale

    Conglomerate to prioritize talks with consortium including SK Hynix

  • Troubled Toshiba suffering bad case of brain drain

    Rivals, recruiters poach top engineers as company's future remains uncertain

  • Rival bidders spruce up offers for Toshiba Memory

    Fight over memory chip unit intensifies as Apple is dragged in

  • Toshiba Memory bidders vie for Apple's support

    Western Digital camp's latest offer proposes stake for unit's key customer

  • Exclusive

    Western Digital offers compromise on Toshiba Memory deal

    In lieu of direct contribution, US hard-drive maker seeks rights to more chips

  • Western Digital standing firm in Toshiba negotiations

    Memory partnership vital to US hard-drive maker's future strategy

  • Refusal to budge on details stymies Toshiba Memory deal

    Impasse with Western Digital encourages other bidders to jump back in

  • No breakthrough for Toshiba, Western Digital on memory unit sale

    Embattled Japanese conglomerate keeps talks open with three rival bidders

  • Toshiba board meets over possible sale of memory unit to Western Digital

    Embattled Japanese conglomerate racing to complete deal to avert delisting

  • Bain enlists Apple in hopes of reviving chances for Toshiba chip deal

    Japanese group still expected to seek exclusive talks with Western Digital camp

  • Threats to survival brought Toshiba and Western Digital to table

    Flash memory sale vital to maintaining both Japanese group's listing and US partner's growth prospects

  • Toshiba to take talks with Western Digital camp exclusive

    Final agreement on $18bn deal sought in September