Toshiba in Turmoil

  • Western Digital's fresh offer fails to sway Toshiba

    Japanese conglomerate unconvinced by proposal to buy memory unit

  • Toshiba letter to Western Digital targets chipmaking site

    Reassertion of its rights likely aimed at gaining upper hand in talks

  • Advanced chip fab drives Toshiba Memory's $18bn price tag

    Crown jewel's value underpinned by accumulated expertise, experience

  • Japan-US team, Broadcom lead race for Toshiba Memory

    Western Digital may join alliance including Japanese state-backed institutions

  • Western Digital would settle for smaller Toshiba Memory stake

    Compromise sought to break impasse on sale

  • Likely Toshiba chip-unit sale worries manufacturers, traders

    Concerns over short supplies send flash memory prices higher

  • Western Digital CEO to return to Japan, seeking Toshiba deal

    Trip next week aims to settle spat over memory unit with compromise

  • Toshiba seeks to sidestep Western Digital in flash memory sale

    Japanese conglomerate may retake memory unit's stakes in joint operations

  • Toshiba earnings delayed again amid uncertainty over losses

    Annual securities report, due by end of June, could be pushed to fall

  • Toshiba signs off on separating 3 core segments

    Embattled electronics maker takes step toward turnaround

  • Public-private fund mulls Toshiba chip bid with Western Digital

    INCJ, Tokyo seek compromise as Toshiba partner refuses to budge

  • 5-way battle brewing for Toshiba's memory ops

    Rescue fund, development bank may emerge as kingmakers

  • Toshiba, Western Digital agree to discuss memory business deal

    Both sides move to end standoff over cash-raising sale

  • Toshiba, Western Digital chiefs to meet again on memory ops

    Search for compromise continues as arbitration looms

  • Westinghouse risks still shadow Toshiba

    Job concerns, payment obligations linger after former unit's bankruptcy

  • Confusion reigns over sale of Toshiba's memory ops

    Western Digital a wild card after second round of bidding

  • Key lenders mull financing plan B for Toshiba

    Western Digital's block on collateral leaves giant at risk of cash crunch

  • Bain eyes Toshiba chip bid with unit's management

    American investment fund also wants Japanese public-private fund as partner

  • Toshiba backs off from chip plant lockout threat

    Talks with Western Digital continue, but no resolution in sight

  • Group companies pulling money out of Toshiba

    Parent's financial woes leaving shareholders on edge