Toshiba in Turmoil

  • Legal row over chip unit risks derailing Toshiba's financing

    Banks sock away nearly $2bn against losses on loans to Japanese group

  • Sharp may buy 20% of Toshiba's memory unit

    Bid with parent Foxconn could temper concerns over tech secrets

  • Interview

    Down but not out, Toshiba's chief strikes resolute tone

    Struggling group stands firm on Western Digital, tamps down bankruptcy talk

  • Toshiba faces tough climb out of nearly $5bn hole

    Partner's move to halt memory unit sale could close off main turnaround option

  • Toshiba president says Western Digital has 'no basis' for opposing chip unit sale

    Offloading semiconductor business crucial as company struggles with massive losses, negative net worth

  • Western Digital requests court block Toshiba chip-unit sale

    Lengthy arbitration process could slow rehabilitation plans

  • Toshiba reports 950 billion yen loss in fiscal 2016

    Massive losses as Westinghouse nuclear unit files for bankruptcy

  • Toshiba may extend bidding deadline for memory unit

    Alternate option arises for cash-strapped conglomerate's crown jewel

  • Toshiba, Western Digital chiefs talk out memory spat

    Dispute unresolved, but both sides agree to keep trying

  • Toshiba keeping current auditor for fiscal 2016 earnings

    Search goes on for replacement for fiscal 2017 and beyond

  • Toshiba warns Western Digital not to interfere in chip biz sale

    Dispute heats up as Japanese tech giant threatens to shut out workers

  • MUFG signals caution on new Toshiba aid

    Company's main lenders make loan-loss provisions while maintaining borrower rating

  • Japan rescue fund to lead joint bid for Toshiba chip ops

    Alliance may expand to include state-backed bank, Western Digital

  • Changing auditors may not solve Toshiba's problem

    Clock ticks as risk of delisting looms

  • Exclusive

    Toshiba switching auditors to file earnings that pass muster

    Conglomerate scrambling to reduce delisting risk

  • Toshiba breaks up its core, affecting 19,000 workers

    Conglomerate aims to decouple key pillars from Westinghouse losses

  • Exclusive

    KKR, public-private fund plan bid for Toshiba Memory

    Western Digital may join well-positioned US-Japan alliance

  • SK Hynix chief to meet with Toshiba about memory unit sale

    South Korean chipmaker looks to boost bid with personal touch

  • Toshiba-Western Digital row may land in court, arbitration

    Breach claim citing joint ventures could block Toshiba Memory sale

  • Western Digital opposes sale of Toshiba Memory

    Seeks to continue joint venture but will 'protect rights,' CFO says