Trump-Xi summit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin conducts a press briefing at the White House on Thursday. © AP

Trump turns from carrot to stick ahead of second China summit

Washington ramps up steps to force pressure on North Korea

  • Samsung to produce microwave ovens in US

    South Korean electronics giant bows to US president's call

  • In sharp reversal, Sino-American trade relations improve

    Both gain via concessions on beef imports, Belt and Road Initiative

  • Among Chinese rights activists, a new voice emerges

    Protester at Xi summit calls attention to village that stood up to Beijing

  • US-China '100-day plan' yields tactical win for Xi

    Appearance aside, Washington gets little of substance

  • Minxin Pei

    Syria takes shine off Trump-Xi summit

    The mood was brighter than many were expecting, but the outcome underwhelmed

  • Tang poems and folk tales: History‚Äôs role in the Trump-Xi reset

    The Syria airstrike and other moments that made for a rocky summit start

  • Trump flashes fist behind the handshake in summit with Xi

    Syria strike complicates Beijing's stance on North Korea

  • US overrates Beijing's sway over Pyongyang, says Chinese expert

    Peking University's Yu Tiejun says options for Trump, Xi may be limited

  • Richard Wike

    Americans' fear of China ebbs in the age of Trump

    Ahead of that 'difficult' Xi summit, concern about debt, jobs and trade has eased

  • Robert A. Manning

    Trump-Xi summit: For China, a tale of two Trumps

    US policies creating leadership vacuum, while 'America First' nationalism creates friction

  • Trump amps up pressure while China seeks cooperation

    US president talks tough on North Korea, trade ahead of summit with Xi

  • Trump, Xi to meet in first summit next month

    North Korea and trade likely to dominate the talks