Trump's Asian visit

Donald Trump and Barack Obama in Asia: a pictorial

A US president follows in his predecessor's footsteps -- almost

  • Murray Hiebert

    Trump's mixed message may fortify Beijing in South China Sea

    US president's silence on Chinese encroachment reinforces ASEAN backsliding

  • New US sanctions on North Korea ensnare more Chinese entities

    Beijing issues tempered response but warns against 'unilateral' acts

  • Anthony Rowley

    Trump buys into 'Indo-Pacific' plan but it lacks BRI coherence

    US leader hints at his backing for an India-Japan alternative to Xi's vision

  • China up close

    Xi Jinping breaks taboo and enters the Forbidden City

    Chinese leader may still be commander-in-chief in 2035, when he would be 82

  • Trump discussed trade pact with Abe, US ambassador says

    On North Korea, Washington's goal is to 'denuclearize' peninsula

  • Robert A. Manning

    A post-American Asia looms larger on the horizon

    Trump's shift away from multilateral free trade removes key element of US role

  • Richard Heydarian

    Duterte talks to Trump but leans to Xi

    For the Philippines, the US's retreat leaves the way open to China's advance

  • Suisheng Zhao

    Was Trump's China trip more than a spectacular show?

    Mutual ego-stroking will not be enough to offset growing disillusionment

  • Interview

    Vietnamese leader holds out hope for US rejoining TPP

    Phuc also wants foreign shareholders to drive change at state-run companies

  • Asia Insight

    Xi Jinping bests Trump in Asia-Pacific diplomacy

    US push for bilateral trade deals could make or break its regional influence

  • East Asia Summit sends message to North Korea -- without Trump

    Secretary of State Tillerson replaces president, China and Russia in attendance

  • South China Sea dispute 'toned down' at ASEAN meeting

    China shuns Trump's offer to mediate on rival maritime claims

  • After delay, RCEP leaders resolve to wrap up pact in 2018

    Duterte stresses Asia-Pacific framework is not just another trade deal

  • Trump skips East Asia summit and sends Tillerson instead

    ASEAN summit's 2-hour delay forces president's early departure

  • Huong Le Thu

    Vietnam manages delicate balance between US and China

    Success of Trump visit should not obscure Hanoi's efforts to keep Beijing on board

  • ASEAN+3 pledges to fight deglobalization, protectionism

    Leaders vow to work together in face of' 'inward-looking' politics

  • 'ASEAN way' confronts new realities of US, Chinese power

    Testing times for region that grew its economy by advancing trade in all directions

  • Abe seeks ASEAN's aid to check Chinese expansion

    But Southeast Asian bloc hesitant to get on Beijing's bad side

  • Trump's devotion to trade puts North Korea issue on hold

    ASEAN meetings proving to be missed chance to secure China's commitment