A Hyperloop One tube and propulsion system being tested in north Las Vegas in the U.S. in May 2016. © Reuters

Richard Branson plans Virgin Hyperloop for India

New electric transportation system will cut travel time drastically

  • Inside a meltdown-hit Fukushima reactor building

    Seven years on, Tepco aims to pull fuel out of Unit 3's rubble-strewn pool

  • Startups in Asia

    A disruptor-in-chief is driving Japan's space dream

    Takafumi Horie: maverick businessman, ex-inmate, author, and now a rocket entrepreneur

  • Japan's cryptocurrency industry to set up self-regulatory body

    Coincheck hack provides catalyst for consolidation of two business groups

  • Teijin unveils world's thinnest polyester nanofibers

    200-nanometer fibers promise better filters for semiconductor clean rooms

  • New AI model fills in blank spots in photos

    Japanese university's tech can also slightly modify facial features

  • Google poaches Samsung's technology chief

    Move shows US giant's resolve to strengthen its internet of things business

  • David S. Lee

    South Korean regulators need to learn to love cryptocurrencies

    Underlying technologies will fuel innovation and boost economic competitiveness

  • Oceangoing drones make underwater inspections cheaper and easier

    TriPod Finder battles Chinese rivals with tool for checking dams and cables

  • Coincheck hackers turned $4.6m of NEM into other cryptocurrencies

    Darknet website facilitating laundering of stolen virtual currency

  • Hyundai's new fuel cell SUV drives itself to Olympics

    Car will make South Korean debut in March with limited automation

  • Out of the lab, into the market

    Expertise and tech in Japan's research world could be a goldmine if commercialized

  • Battle for data rages between China and US

    Both sides are seeking more control over today's hottest resource

  • Cyber debris: Outdated cameras risk stifling IoT boom

    Devices that are no longer used but still online give hackers an opening

  • KT, Samsung, Intel to offer trial 5G service at Pyeongchang Olympics

    Audiences will be able to view dynamic videos of competitions via tablets

  • Japan successfully launches world's tiniest satellite-carrying rocket

  • Coincheck hackers sent stolen NEM coins to Philippine ICO

    Plundered cryptocurrency also deposited in Czech, U.S. and NZ exchanges

  • iPhone assembler Foxconn pledges $340m for AI venture

    Chairman Terry Gou seeks new opportunities amid slowing mobile market

  • Japanese companies fire up small-rocket missions

    Businesses hone their technology as approval of commercial launches nears

  • Taiwan's 3-D sensing supplier to Apple vows to double capex

    Win Semiconductors upbeat on facial recognition, not moving production to US