This is Hana-chan, who passes out if your body odor is too strong.

You know your BO is bad when your dog passes out

Insolent robot also tells you when you're wearing too much perfume

  • Drone companies showcase 'smart guard' solutions for Indian borders

    China, India, Israel, US compete on remote security systems for vulnerable areas

  • Mahindra looks to give farmers a hand with self-driving tractors

    Farm equipment company targets rollout from 2018 in India, abroad

  • Fledgling Japanese fintech sector needs to 'design for global use'

    Introspective goals holding Tokyo back from becoming global hub

  • Facial recognition's got an eye on you

    Haneda Airport to introduce device next month, but privacy concerns remain

  • Japan developing shared ID system for banks

    Fintech innovation will employ blockchain technology

  • ICOs: dream for startups, nightmare for regulators

    Millions raised in seconds, but questionable practices rife

  • Portable device speeds up dengue virus identification

    High hopes for affordable DNA sequencer in high-risk developing countries

  • Affordable 8K TV cable slashes cost by 90%

    Nitto Denko-Keio team's plastic optical fibers put tech in range of households

  • Veteran wisdom powers Sony's youth movement

    Doyens of development help next generation turn concepts into products

  • J Coin: Japanese banks' virtual currency without the volatility

    Envisioned answer to Apple Pay and Alipay would only be as wild as yen

  • Making AI a force for good requires rules, transparency

    Experts stress importance of building trust amid fears of job losses

  • India to expand cargo-location service using wireless tech

    Hopes to repeat success of Delhi-Mumbai corridor in other industrial areas

  • Range anxiety? Solar electric cars put relief on horizon

    Technology promises months of charge-free driving

  • New iPhones highlight waning clout of Japanese parts makers

    South Korean, Taiwanese suppliers to provide key components for new features

  • Corporate Japan taking leap into quantum computing

    Traffic control, materials design among the promising applications

  • Toyota-backed flying car getting development bases

    Engineers race to make their dream come true in time for 2020 Tokyo games

  • iPhone X has to excite Asia, but will it?

    Region's consumers are getting used to less expensive smartphones

  • Japan brokerages explore streamlining via blockchain

    SBI, Daiwa aim to simplify account setups, standardize trade settlements

  • Trump bars Chinese-backed firm from buying US chipmaker Lattice