Mahindra & Mahindra showed off a prototype of its driverless tractor this week. (Photo courtesy of Mahindra & Mahindra)

Mahindra looks to give farmers a hand with self-driving tractors

Farm equipment company targets rollout from 2018 in India, abroad

  • Fledgling Japanese fintech sector needs to 'design for global use'

    Introspective goals holding Tokyo back from becoming global hub

  • Facial recognition's got an eye on you

    Haneda Airport to introduce device next month, but privacy concerns remain

  • Japan developing shared ID system for banks

    Fintech innovation will employ blockchain technology

  • ICOs: dream for startups, nightmare for regulators

    Millions raised in seconds, but questionable practices rife

  • Portable device speeds up dengue virus identification

    High hopes for affordable DNA sequencer in high-risk developing countries

  • Affordable 8K TV cable slashes cost by 90%

    Nitto Denko-Keio team's plastic optical fibers put tech in range of households

  • Veteran wisdom powers Sony's youth movement

    Doyens of development help next generation turn concepts into products

  • J Coin: Japanese banks' virtual currency without the volatility

    Envisioned answer to Apple Pay and Alipay would only be as wild as yen

  • Making AI a force for good requires rules, transparency

    Experts stress importance of building trust amid fears of job losses

  • India to expand cargo-location service using wireless tech

    Hopes to repeat success of Delhi-Mumbai corridor in other industrial areas

  • Range anxiety? Solar electric cars put relief on horizon

    Technology promises months of charge-free driving

  • New iPhones highlight waning clout of Japanese parts makers

    South Korean, Taiwanese suppliers to provide key components for new features

  • Corporate Japan taking leap into quantum computing

    Traffic control, materials design among the promising applications

  • Toyota-backed flying car getting development bases

    Engineers race to make their dream come true in time for 2020 Tokyo games

  • iPhone X has to excite Asia, but will it?

    Region's consumers are getting used to less expensive smartphones

  • Japan brokerages explore streamlining via blockchain

    SBI, Daiwa aim to simplify account setups, standardize trade settlements

  • Trump bars Chinese-backed firm from buying US chipmaker Lattice

  • Nisshinbo's platinum-free tech could mean cheaper fuel-cell cars

    Use of carbon alloy yields vast cuts in costs, may enable wider adoption

  • Japan to begin supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges

    Financial watchdog flying blind in brave new world of virtual currencies