Google CEO Sundar Pichai attends the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, on Dec. 3. © Reuters

Google seeks better China relations via Tencent patent deal

Search for opportunities comes with risks as Beijing steps up Internet censorship

  • Tepco probe locates melted fuel inside damaged Fukushima No. 2 unit

  • Startups in Asia

    How Nanoclean Global's nasal filter helps people breathe healthy

    Co-founder Prateek Sharma discusses the idea behind -- and the road ahead -- for startup

  • Startups in Asia

    Indian startup offers new solution to fight toxic air pollution

    Nanoclean CEO plans to market product across other countries in Asia

  • Indonesia's Kalbe Farma moves into clinical testing

    Pharmaceutical giant taps Japanese partners for technology

  • Asia300 Summit 2018

    You can't walk alone to survive the digital era

    Asian companies need to work with partners and customers to keep pace with innovation

  • Spider-man shirt from Japanese startup works wonders

    Biometric e-skin from Xenoma may have a future in health care and gaming

  • Asia300 Summit 2018

    Japan and Germany stand to gain from 'Industry 4.0'

    Data utilization is key to manufacturing revolution, says Christian Brecher

  • Japan's Epsilon-3 rocket puts satellite in orbit

    Space agency foresees greater demand for lower-cost satellite launches

  • Google brings user-friendly AI technology to customers

    New service lets low-budget players craft customized systems

  • Taiwan chipmaker: Chinese rivals will face scrutiny over trade secrets

    Nanya Tech says DRAM price will be stable in the first half

  • Chinese electric cars turning heads in US

    Flashy designs and ample funds help industry newcomers make inroads

  • Asian tech companies challenge US at CES

    Google shines at electronics show, followed by Samsung, Alibaba

  • Tech and media giants poised to scramble for the 5G future

    Faster wireless networks could usher in remote-controlled cars, instant access to content

  • Microsoft to pour $33m into Taiwanese AI research center

    US giant will form local team of over 200 and look into industrial applications

  • Nissan plans 'connected car' tests on Japanese roads in 2018

    Docomo, Qualcomm and others to hitch a ride on the project

  • Japan's JCB to connect multiple blockchains

    Congestion can slow down transactions and raise costs

  • Canon has real game changer in store for sports fans

    3-D tech lets viewers watch from all over the stadium -- even on the field

  • CES electronics expo blurs lines between auto and tech

    Sony stuns with first car sensor while Toyota unveils mobile restaurant

  • Sony gives a sneak peek of aibo, its new robotic dog

    When we petted the mechanical puppy, it got a happy glint in its eyes