• Quantum computing key to unlocking advanced technology

    Companies using it in AI, automated driving

  • North Korea's warheads mark leap toward ICBM deployment

    Next step is perfecting re-entry and accuracy

  • SBI, Rakuten enlist AI to catch market manipulators

    Japanese brokerages will test system developed by NEC

  • Clock ticking for Japanese rocket startup Interstellar

    Failed initial launch of minirocket followed successful attempts by US rivals

  • Japan firms to mass-produce blood-clotting treatment from stem cells

    Partners set sights on 2020 for approval

  • World's first private weather satellite launched into orbit

    Eye in the sky to provide sea ice information to ships plying Arctic routes

  • Canon Electronics-led team hopes to develop low-cost rocket

    Consortium wants to tap growing demand in Japan and abroad

  • Facebook hedges on 'special algorithm' to combat fake news

    Internet leader agrees to upgrade Jakarta presence this month for compliance

  • With few adopters, bitcoin's new clone begins rocky journey

    Limited support and usefulness stunt Bitcoin Cash's success

  • Your data storage device and wardrobe may be about to go retro

    Magnetic tape might blow away hard drives; rayon gets an update

  • 'Ghost in the Shell' inspires researchers in the lab

    Are you ready to try on your thermo-optical camouflage raincoat?

  • Interview

    Panasonic expanding overseas car battery production -- sensibly

    Impossible to fully meet surging demand: battery business chief

  • Robots converge on Nagoya for 20th RoboCup

    Soccer-playing and rescue robot teams face off in annual world tournament, where it all began

  • AI, IoT top Japan R&D chiefs' priority lists

    Big spenders often seeking to make up for lost time

  • R&D budgets in Japan soaring to record-breaking levels

    High tech, self-driving vehicles priorities, but trend sweeping most sectors

  • Sony to turn receipt photos into sales trend data

    Service will track 400,000 goods at 200 stores and offer makers deeper analysis

  • Kyocera leverages AI to spot skin cancer

    Remote diagnosis seen helping with doctor shortage as Japan grays

  • Japanese robotic camera welcomed aboard space station

    Remotely controlled drone aims to save time on photography

  • China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025

  • South Korea's SK Telecom to test self-driving tech on road

    Mobile carrier looks to develop 5G-based vehicle communications