• Japanese quintet to tout homegrown GPS through venture

    More precise system could find use in drones, self-driving cars

  • SoftBank's new mobile pursuit: walking robots

    Tech giant filling expertise gap with purchase of two startups

  • Japan aims to launch self-piloting ships by 2025

    Marine transport companies, shipbuilders collaborating on AI navigation system

  • Pepper humanoid robot to man Aeon's credit card counters

    Japanese retail giant to also use AI to automate card application

  • Asahi Kasei dons 'smart clothing' in move beyond textiles

    Japanese chemical maker eyes such uses as defibrillator vests

  • Nationwide 5G mobile coverage coming to Japan in 2023

    Three top carriers to invest over $45bn in next-generation wireless

  • Japanese technology squeezes more power out of coal

    New plant touts 30% greater generating efficiency with 30% CO2 reduction

  • Sony looks beyond video games with hit PlayStation VR

    Electronics maker isn't alone in envisioning virtual job training and more

  • Japan gets serious about the high-risk, high-reward data rush

    New law designed to help tap the 'oil of the 21st century'

  • Japan puts up satellite in step to build homegrown GPS

    Quasi-zenith devices to allow location data accurate to 6cm

  • Japan launches quasi-zenith satellite Michibiki

    The country's space agency is looking to create homegrown GPS system

  • Chinese company wants robot to apprentice in Japan

    Smiling Pangolin steps up challenge to SoftBank's Pepper

  • Legendary World War II fighter to buzz Japan

    Japanese-owned Zero to be piloted by Japanese for first time since 1945

  • Investor Chiba envisions 'Team Drone Japan' with new fund

    Novice entrepreneurs get cash, management skills to aid fledgling industry

  • Global Digital Summit promises revolution in transport

    Automation-minded execs talk tech that reshapes how people live, work, move

  • Japan to launch second GPS satellite for improved accuracy

    Location data holds promise for self-driving, drone delivery, national security

  • Artificial intelligence entering new stage as vehicle for entertainment

    UK company Roborace unveils real self-driving race car, envisions exciting AI-AI competition

  • Expedia to help Japanese hoteliers set the right room price

    Mathematical models of competing rates will replace guesswork

  • Half of us happy to switch to self-driving taxis

    Survey: Nearly 50% would not buy another car, low EV interest in US, Japan

  • AlphaGo to retire as Google moves on

    AI go 'player' sweeps the best of the human race in three-game match