• Japan e-book distributor Media Do to build 'AI translator'

    Company hopes to win overseas readers as its home market shrinks

  • Expo shows China's big dreams for big data

    Companies showcase new services as Beijing eyes nearly $150bn industry

  • Mitsubishi Chem to slash cost of carbon fiber autoparts

    New material makes casting far more efficient

  • Blockchain: protector of cryptocurrencies ... and eggplant

    The ledgers are safeguarding the tracking of veggies, drivers, home keys

  • Cellulose nanofiber is heading for your house and car

    Japan sees myriad uses for plant-based fiber that is stronger, lighter than steel

  • Google's beefed-up AlphaGo AI fells world champion

    Computers assert dominance in vastly complex game once thought out of reach

  • Symantec says 'highly likely' North Korean hacking group behind ransomware attacks

  • Japan's Oki launching bitcoin ATM for emerging Asia

    Users can link virtual wallets to withdraw local cash

  • Japan businesses seek single exchange for internet of things data

    Coming as soon as 2020, market could expand product, service horizons

  • India's CE Info Systems spending big on acquisitions

    Map giant hopes to boost sales by obtaining key technologies for new services

  • Interview

    North Korea capable of hacking with 'WannaCry' ransomware

    Pyongyang has 3,000 trained hackers ready, says defected computer professor

  • Japan's financial industry embracing AI

    Brokerages, stock exchange see new tech providing extra edge

  • Asia scrambles to put up defense amid global cyberattacks

    Region dodges ransomware wave out of sheer luck

  • India's Tata Consultancy sets up US drone research lab

    Site includes outdoor space for test flights

  • South Korea's 7-Eleven showcases high-tech self-checkout machine

    Shoppers can go cashless by using veins to verify identity

  • Tokyo to lay out cyberattack countermeasures

    Options include digital retaliation when critical infrastructure is damaged

  • Global cyberattack is a warning for 'internet of things'

    Low-security connected devices, rise of bitcoin enable spread of ransomware

  • Artificial intelligence gets a seat in the boardroom

    Hong Kong venture capitalist sees AI running Asian companies within 5 years

  • Little battery maker gets Honda-size boost

    Eliiy Power says its li-ion pack won't die during winter hibernation

  • JAXA begins testing engine for next-generation rocket

    Japan hopes to become a major player with a low-cost satellite launcher