• Anime-topped beverages look too good to swig

    A Tokyo cafe's printing technology takes latte art to a whole new level

  • The AI forecast

    New division of labor -- Making technology work for us

    AI can handle big data, but big-picture thinking remains in human hands

  • The AI forecast

    AI ability to make decisions presents unique challenges

    Researchers face task of ensuring humanitarian ends to machine means

  • Japanese space startups look for growth in Southeast Asia

    Region's markets less dominated by military, government business

  • The AI forecast

    AI needs coaching

    Later, artificial intelligence could lead to the dumbing down of professionals

  • Sure-footed, lightweight spider robot carries heavy loads

    Agile yet powerful machine could be used in disaster relief operations

  • The latest Olympic event -- urban mining

    The 2020 Games might show off a resource-rich Japan

  • Japan firms launch e-currency exchanges to meet hot demand

    Tax cuts, higher standards making trading easier, soaring demand in bitcoin-like investments

  • Japan's latest makeup fad? A whole new face

    The quest for more chiseled features inspires new techniques and products to match

  • The Israeli companies protecting corporate Japan from cyberattacks

    Unique technologies come as a boon for companies hit by data breaches

  • Japan banks to test blockchain-based money transfers

    Cryptocurrencies could enable low-cost, 24-hour service

  • MUFG securities unit, analytics firm team for M&A insights

    Tech visualizing patent and research data will reveal possible synergies

  • Japan Aviation develops connectors for comfortable wearables

    New design will increase applications in caregiving, medical, sports fields

  • German trade fair showcases smart factories, robots

    AI-infused systems to take over repetitive jobs

  • Bridgestone Cycle announces punctureless bicycle tires

    Air-free design uses plastic spokes to absorb impact and enhance looks

  • China successfully launches cargo spacecraft

    Refueling mission is another step toward permanent space presence

  • Astroscale preps space debris sweeper for 2019 test

    Singapore-based startup readies launch of service to collect old satellites, other junk

  • Japan to launch record 8 rockets in fiscal 2017

    Completion of launch system, project to build Japanese GPS driving increase

  • Japanese bank organization seeks common blockchain platform

    Industry body to promote trials of distributed database systems

  • Japan's nuclear technology faces extinction

    Evaporating demand and few new projects spell trouble for technical know-how