China's high-speed railway network is chipping away at oil use, affecting jet fuel and gasoline consumption. © Reuters

China saves on oil with switch to high-speed rail

Global crude demand growth forecasts may be over-optimistic

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    Easy loans are used to secure influence and grab control of strategic assets

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    Starting a second term, governor must experiment or risk failing to revive growth

  • Modicare -- Devil lies in the detail

    India needs more money, more doctors and increased competition to avert health crisis

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    'Polar Silk Road' challenges existing northern power balance

  • Maldives crisis risks fueling India-China confrontation

    The island nation needs aid to stabilize its courts and other institutions

  • Questions abound as Philippine central bank holds fire

    Espenilla's inaction raises concern about political pressure from Duterte

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  • US gets real about China

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  • Ending impunity in Manila

    The International Criminal Court weighs in on the Philippines' war on drugs

  • South Korean regulators need to learn to love cryptocurrencies

    Underlying technologies will fuel innovation and boost economic competitiveness

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    Current market turmoil did not start in China, but risks are lurking

  • Realism behind the Pyeongchang olive branch

    More than Trump's 'maximum pressure' is needed to engage with North Korea

  • Samsung heir's release will not kill South Korea's reform drive

    Public anger over cosy government-business ties will force change

  • Emerging Asia risks never growing rich

    Trump, protectionism and technology may hold back poorer developing nations

  • Tokyo to investors -- don't panic

    Japan's long experience with zero interest rates shows there is no quick exit

  • Message to Trump -- no TPP renegotiation

    Asia-Pacific states should welcome back the US but only on original terms

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    Outsourcing data storage to a state-run group is the painful price of access

  • The Catholic Church versus Duterte

    A conservative institution turns into a bastion of resistance against the Filipino strongman