Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with supporters at his campaign headquarters in Moscow on March 18. © Reuters

Nikkei Editorial

Putin's re-election a bad sign for Russia-Western relations

Strongman president prepares for fourth term emboldened by victory

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    The possibility of a president-for-life Xi bodes ill for China

    Scrapping term limits moves the country a step closer to strongman rule

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Trump must abandon dangerous tariff plan

    Duties on steel and aluminum imports would hurt US allies more than China

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Beware North Korea's Olympic charm offensive

    Engaging with Pyongyang without progress on denuclearization is a fool's game

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Two tasks await Kuroda in his second stint as BOJ chief

    Japan needs a definite end to deflation and a road map out of aggressive easing

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Japan must update its bilateral EPAs for 21st-century trade

    Reworking bilateral Asian deals is a key step to creating high-standard rules

  • Nikkei Editorial

    The new US nuclear policy is a step backwards

    The White House protocol could undermine the Non-Proliferation Treaty

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Japan's cryptocurrency exchanges need more stringent safety checks

    $533mn Coincheck hack highlights holes in current regulatory system

  • Nikkei Editorial

    The problems facing China's 'healthy' economy

    A housing bubble, slowed reforms and inexperienced leaders all pose challenges

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Cooperative global framework needed to protect world's open economic order

    US and China must be encouraged to respect multilateral, rules-based free trade

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Japan should tackle New Year challenges while winds are favorable

    Time is ripe to address such issues as labor reforms and social security spending

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Building a mutually beneficial relationship between China and Japan

    Though each country has different goals and interests, the key is understanding what these are

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Now is the time to pursue a China-Japan-South Korea summit

    Leaders are indicating a desire to improve ties. The momentum must not be lost

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Japan must support language education for foreign residents

    National-level efforts are needed to ensure social stability and vitality

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Japan's manufacturers must rebuild their damaged reputations

    Quality control scandals have cost the industry decades of hard-won trust

  • Nikkei Editorial

    It's time for Japan to reboot its financial reforms

    20 years after the demise of Yamaichi Securities, much work remains to be done

  • Nikkei Editorial

    A 'free and open' Asia will not be built in a day

    US and Japan face numerous hurdles as they pursue stability amid China's rise

  • Nikkei Editorial

    Kobe Steel fraud report does not go far enough

    Full, independent accounting of scandal needed to regain customer trust

  • Nikkei Editorial

    TPP 11 trade agreement is a deal to build on

    US-less pact can help set standards for an even broader high-quality trade zone

  • Editorial: Trump, Abe must lead the way to a more stable Asia

    Multilateral cooperation needed alongside robust bilateral alliance