South and North Korean players competed in Gangneung, South Korea, in April 2017. Now they are meant to play together. © AP

Young South Koreans right to oppose appeasement

Moon's Olympic diplomacy based on a false idea of national unity

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    Trade is only first flashpoint in growing strategic rivalry

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    Modi must promote political freedom especially in Asia

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    The government must push companies to set aside stereotypes and promote women

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    Theatrical election battle between Mahathir and Najib will not resolve economic challenges

  • Eurozone 2018: Business is bright, but political landscape remains clouded

    Mainstream parties' power waning while rift grows between eastern and western EU

  • India could overtake China -- one day

    With the right policies, the subcontinent might reach higher per head incomes than the Middle Kingdom

  • Japan defense industry needs security boost

    Tokyo must protect world-class arms suppliers against spies and cyberattacks

  • Moon's chance to tame the chaebol

    President can act even though South Korea's parliament is divided

  • Son faces $18bn test with IPO plan

    Investors will scrutinise how SoftBank plans to spend proceeds of proposed mobile offering

  • Attack on Rappler imperils media freedom

    Philippine government's legal assault on news site highlights Duterte's widening crackdown

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    Jakarta puts money into new foreign and development aid policy but may still lack clout

  • Singapore goes for quiet ASEAN diplomacy

    City-state seeks cooperation boost despite differences over Trump, China and Myanmar refugees

  • Trump impatience could yet trigger war

    US saber-rattling over North Korea remains a risk despite Pyongyang-Seoul talks

  • Socially responsible Asian companies are a better bet

    Addressing environmental, social and governance concerns brings higher returns

  • China rattles financial sabre

    Beijing may be mulling cuts in vast US bond holdings in reply to Trump trade threats

  • Myanmar economy grows despite refugee crisis

    China and other Asian partners invest despite human rights concerns

  • Trump's 'war on media' reverberates in Asia

    Region's strongmen endanger prosperity with press crackdowns

  • Ambani deal raises awkward questions

    End of family feud leaves doubt about the health of Indian capitalism