Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer is president of Eurasia Group and author of "Superpower: Three Choices for America's Role in the World." Find him on Twitter @ianbremmer.

  • China fills the vacuum

    Beijing's global ambition poses 'world's biggest geopolitical risk'

  • Each nation to fight for itself in 2018

    In Asia, US faces challenges, not only from China, but also India and Japan

  • Trump visit puts Tokyo at the center of geopolitics

    Abe capitalizes on election win and growing global standing

  • Chinese money wields more clout than American muscle

    Countries go shopping for best deal on investment, welcome Beijing's cash

  • World snubs Trump in favor of America's mayors, governors

    Cities, states go it alone to forge their own agreements with other nations

  • Welcome to the G-zero world

    With no leaders, the international community cannot address collective problems

  • The Korean Peninsula migraine -- outcomes no one wants

    Even a best-case scenario would mean decades of hardship

  • Don't rule out a President Le Pen

    Feeble field of candidates could be harbinger of financial turbulance

  • Trump's spending won't save US workers or world economy

    Tech will steal more jobs, while stock booms will bypass a battered middle class

  • More Trump jolts on the way

    Europe, predominantly Muslim countries fear more divisive policies

  • Trump's pursuit of US independence will come at a cost

    'America first' approach risks antagonizing allies, stoking conflict with China

  • Four global upshots of a Trump presidency

    EU ties will suffer, and chances await Xi, Abe, Saudi hard-liners, Mexico's left

  • Possible Trump presidency courts unprecedented uncertainty

  • Putin leverages his luck on the world stage

  • Brexit is no Donald Trump, but they highlight similar worries