Richard Heydarian

Richard Heydarian is a Manila-based academic, columnist and author of "Asia's New Battlefield: US, China and the Struggle for the Western Pacific" and the forthcoming book "The Rise of Duterte."

  • Duterte fuels authoritarian revival

    Filipino president rouses illiberal traditions in Southeast Asia

  • Duterte's march to illiberal democracy

    Philippine political elite acquiesces in a rebirth of populism

  • Duterte talks to Trump but leans to Xi

    For the Philippines, the US's retreat leaves the way open to China's advance

  • Duterte's pro-China shift fractures anti-Beijing alliance in Southeast Asia

    Manila's overt alignment with China has left Vietnam to wage a lonely battle in the South China Sea

  • Duterte ignores costs of drug war at his peril

    Honeymoon days fade, but muted Western criticism lets him stay the course

  • Seoul looks to ASEAN amid nuclear crisis

    Regional grouping could play key role in securing peace on Korean Peninsula

  • China exploits the Philippines' soft-pedalling in South China Sea

    Duterte's conciliatory stance on Beijing's territorial claims is backfiring

  • Divided ASEAN hands China diplomatic coup

    Regional group is fading into irrelevance as the supposed engine of integration

  • Duterte's moves could hasten regional 'Pax Sinica'

    Beijing benefits amid deepening security crises in Philippines

  • Duterte in strategic sweet spot after year in power

    At home and abroad, firebrand president continues to shape the agenda

  • Mindanao conflict pushing Duterte back into US orbit

    ISIS threat alters Philippine president's foreign policy calculus

  • Philippines' Mindanao crisis sparks 'caliphate' fears

    Manila and Washington quietly ditching differences in joint effort to defeat IS

  • Duterte and Putin double act heralds new regional order

    Leaders' cosy relationship shows an ideological, and personal, affinity

  • Perils for Southeast Asia in Beijing's Belt and Road scheme

    Impact of Xi's new Silk Road could exceed post-war US Marshall Plan

  • Duterte's 'transactional approach' undermines ASEAN stance on China

    By playing down South China Sea dispute, Philippine president weakens bloc's centrality

  • Duterte and generals split on China rapprochement

    High stakes internal battle under way over direction of Philippine foreign policy