Vandana Hari

Vandana Hari is founder of Vanda Insights, which tracks energy markets. She has two decades of experience providing essential intelligence on the energy commodities sector

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    China's new ministry highlights need for administrative reforms

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    Global crude demand growth forecasts may be over-optimistic

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    As a net importer, region faces inflationary pressures and volatility risks

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    'Exit strategy' from output cuts will bring a new challenge in the new year

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    Complacency over extending crude production cuts could cost the organization dearly

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    Kurdistan conflict could mar Iraq's reputation as a stable crude supplier

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    OPEC report casts doubt over Russian compliance

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    Cartel's efforts being undermined by the US, Libya, Nigeria and cheaters

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    Only patience is keeping a production restraint pact from unraveling

  • Qatar crisis: Oil supply vulnerability in time of plenty

    Crude oil ignores latest Middle East conflict but can't shrug off the risk

  • OPEC's 'whatever-it-takes' pledge may exact a high price

    Imperative for group to continue recalibrating under extension of cuts

  • Countering shale's revival is a marathon for OPEC, not a sprint

    A surge in US output is starting to look more probable

  • OPEC keeps US shale guessing on cuts -- but the answer is clear

    Not extending reductions beyond June would send crude tumbling again

  • OPEC needs more than disciplined cuts to chart new course

    US shale means continual tweaks, broader cooperation crucial for market stability

  • Saudi Aramco IPO: Will investors buy into the promise?

    Appetite for investment will depend on production cuts being enforced

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    Group inks historic production-cut deal, but internal discord, price pressure remain

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