William Pesek

William Pesek is a Tokyo-based journalist and author of "Japanization: What the World Can Learn from Japan's Lost Decades." He is a former columnist for Bloomberg and Barron's.

  • Lotte drama is an opportunity for South Korea

    Moon must seize chance to accelerate chaebol reform

  • BOJ's Kuroda must get radical now

    Starting a second term, governor must experiment or risk failing to revive growth

  • Questions abound as Philippine central bank holds fire

    Espenilla's inaction raises concern about political pressure from Duterte

  • Beijing's eerie calm has hidden dangers

    Current market turmoil did not start in China, but risks are lurking

  • Tokyo to investors -- don't panic

    Japan's long experience with zero interest rates shows there is no quick exit

  • Trump, bubbles and bitcoin

    China's new central bank chief will face over-flowing agenda

  • Can a new Toshiba rise from the ruins?

    A revitalised group would show Japan Inc can do radical change - and boost the economy

  • Trump currency war increases risks for Asia

    Region must use revaluation to boost economic and corporate restructuring

  • Bank of Japan is lobbying wrong audience

    Kuroda must talk to Abe and Japan Inc., not the financial market

  • Malaysia pays high price for political drama

    Theatrical election battle between Mahathir and Najib will not resolve economic challenges

  • Son faces $18bn test with IPO plan

    Investors will scrutinise how SoftBank plans to spend proceeds of proposed mobile offering

  • China rattles financial sabre

    Beijing may be mulling cuts in vast US bond holdings in reply to Trump trade threats

  • Uphill race for Korean peace in Trump era

    Moon must pursue talks despite the US president's unpredictable outbursts

  • New faces at Asia central banks

    Change of the guard increases policy uncertainties

  • Alibaba in 2018 -- Beijing or the market?

    Will Jack Ma have to choose between duty to Wall St shareholders and loyalty to team Xi?

  • South Korea's 'Hunger Games' moment is dangerous

    Moon must curb chaebol to create healthy jobs market for anxious youth

  • 'Dango' unchained -- Japan's recurring construction scam

    Abe's reform push has not changed clubby practices of Japan Inc.

  • Asia's burning question -- kill bitcoin or embrace it?

    Regulators risk choking potential source of venture capital

  • China's antitrust intrigue undermines Xi market economy plan

    Beijing must play fair to secure growth and limit trade friction with Trump

  • Odds of a Trump trade war just increased

    America's negotiator-in-chief launches an opening salvo