Nikkei Asian Review awarded prize by Spain's IE Business School

October 21, 2016 The IE Business School in Madrid has awarded Nikkei Asian Review a Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia, marking the second consecutive year that NAR has been honored by the school.

Deputy Editor Ken Moriyasu's article "Free Trade Fiesta," the lead story of the April 14 cover feature "Mexico & Asia," won this year's Best Journalistic Work on Latin America's Economy. The story shed light on how Mexico's embrace of free trade is attracting the world's biggest automakers, including Nissan, Toyota, Audi and BMW.

"In times of uncertainty and lack of truths, the media has a huge role as a counterbalance to show the truth," Santiago Iniguez, dean of the IE Business School, said at an awards ceremony in Madrid on Oct. 20. "This is especially important for economic journalism."

Last year, NAR won the school's award for Best Regional Economic Media.

Nikkei Asian Review Deputy editor Ken Moriyasu receives the prize from Iberia's Carolina Martinoli at an awards ceremony held on October 20th in Madrid.

"As we are aiming to become a must-read publication for people who are interested in business in Asia, we are very honored that Ken Moriyasu's article was named the Best Journalistic Work on Latin America's Economy," said Sonoko Watanabe, editor-in-chief of NAR. "Nikkei opened a Mexico City bureau this year to strengthen our coverage of the expanding business ties between Latin America and Asia. Pan-regional coverage will continue to be a major focus for NAR."

This year's contest for the Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia was the fourth. More than 200 articles from 60 media organizations in Asia were submitted. Winners were chosen for their depiction of how global trends are impacting Asia's spending power. Other awards this year went to Tanmoy Goswami and Nirmal John of Fortune India (Best Journalistic Work) and China's CBN (Best Regional Economic Media).

The IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia

Sponsored by the CAF Development Bank of Latin America and Iberia, the overriding aim of the Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia is to increase the flow of economic information between Asia and Latin America in order to forge closer economic links and interests.

Nikkei Asian Review

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