Nikkei Asian Review website has a new, more intuitive look

December 1, 2016   The Nikkei Asian Review, which celebrated its third anniversary in November, has revamped its website to provide easier navigation and highlight the region's most important stories.

Here are some of the site's new features:

Expanded Asia300 coverage

  • The Asia 300 Index at the upper right-hand corner of the home page is updated in real time.
  • Closing figures for country- and region-specific Asia300 indexes are available on the main page of the Asia300 section.

More market news

  • Wrap-ups and other market stories from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Singapore are being provided by NewsRise Financial Research & Information Services.

Easy-to-find commentary from renowned Asia experts

  • Expert analysis of events in Asia, and global developments that impact the region, is displayed more prominently on the home page.
  • Regular contributors now have their own pages, with searchable archives.

Greater visibility for recurring features 

  • Regular series have prominent placement on the home page, giving readers quick access to insightful stories that can be easy to miss in the daily stream of headlines.
  • A new page lets readers browse the latest stories in each series and delve into the archives.

Simpler to navigate, easier to digest

  • Stories now carry subheadlines for quick, concise delivery of the news.
  • Photos now have a unified aspect ratio for a cleaner look.
  • Fresh stories and breaking news have a dedicated box near the top of the home page for quick access.

The Nikkei Asian Review will continue refining its magazine and website to enhance the reader experience.