Nikkei launches Nikkei Asia300 Index

December 1, 2016  On Dec. 1, Nikkei Inc. launched a series of stock indexes under the Nikkei Asia300 Index family, bringing together over 300 of Asia's most influential companies. The indexes will be used by the Nikkei Group to carefully track stock price movements of top Asian companies driving global economic growth and to provide comprehensive coverage of the health of the Asian economy.

The Nikkei Asia300 Index tracks the stock prices, converted to U.S. dollars, of the Asia300 group of must-watch companies selected by Nikkei. The Nikkei Asia300 ASEAN Index focuses specifically on companies in six members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Both are computed in real time. Individual indexes for the 11 countries and regions covered in the Asia300 list are calculated daily based on closing prices.

The Nikkei Asia300 Index is calculated from Monday to Friday (excluding Jan. 1 and days when all markets covered by the index are closed), between 9 a.m. JST when regular trading starts at the Korea Exchange and 7:20 p.m. JST when it closes at the Bombay Stock Exchange. The initial value of 1,000 for each index is based on prices on Dec. 1, 2015. Indexes are calculated by Singapore Exchange Limited.

The indexes cover 324 Asia300 companies (as of Dec. 1, 2016). Three Chinese Asia300 companies are listed only in the U.S. and as such are not included. The number of components will be reduced if a company is delisted or its listing status otherwise changes. Constituents will be reviewed each December.  

The Nikkei Asia300 Index constituents and other information can be found on the official Nikkei Indexes page (

Real-time quotes for the Nikkei Asia300 Index and related indexes are provided by QUICK, a Nikkei Group financial information service. Other leading information vendors are also expected to distribute them in the future. Nikkei will deliver news and analysis based on the Nikkei Asia300 Index to a global audience via The Nikkei, its flagship Japanese newspaper; online edition; the Nikkei Asian Review, its English-language newsmagazine and website; and its Chinese-language website at

Nikkei plans to develop further indexes based on the Asia300 Index in 2017 for use in the creation of new financial products.


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