Nikkei launches Nikkei Markets financial news service

April 3, 2017  Nikkei Inc. today launched Nikkei Markets, an English-language news service provided through Nikkei Group Asia (NGA), a Singapore-based subsidiary. The service, the latest by Tokyo-based Nikkei, enhances our group's English-language financial news offerings. Nikkei Markets provides real-time news, key events and analyses concerning Southeast Asian financial markets and listed companies, including those in the Asia300 Index.

Nikkei Markets primarily focuses on serving the news and informational needs of institutional investors, brokerages and information vendors. The service, which publishes out of Malaysia, will expand its coverage to include news from Singapore and Hong Kong later this year. Nikkei Markets currently has bureaus in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Nikkei Markets will be published by Nikkei NewsRise Asia, a Singapore-based joint venture between NGA and NewsRise Financial Research and Information Services, an Indian startup that began publishing in 2014 and has been successful in establishing itself as a credible provider of news on currency, debt and equity markets.

Nikkei Markets will share content with the Nikkei Asian Review, our English-language news service focusing on Asia. So expect more news and information related to the Asia300, our exclusive list of the region's biggest and fastest-growing companies.

In recent years, we have been enhancing our English-language services in the hopes of informing a global audience through the Nikkei Asian Review, launched in November 2013, and with the acquisition of the Financial Times in December 2015.

Through Nikkei Markets, we will reach out to another consumer segment -- financial market professionals located or interested in Southeast Asia. Nikkei Group Asia and NewsRise will jointly develop the service.

For inquiries about Nikkei Markets, please contact Nikkei NewsRise Asia or Nikkei Group Asia at