Armed with data, IT companies are transforming health care

As an industry, medicine was once the preserve of the privileged few; no more


ADB guides Vietnam, Cambodia to greater growth

Lender-funded tech, training programs inspire confidence

Politics & Economy


Company in focus: TSMC tries to keep magic alive amid doubts over succession

Taiwan chipmaker defines success, but filling chairman's shoes will be tough

Tech & Science

Mapping out the family trees of citrus fruits and tea

DNA analysis opens up new avenues for breeding variants

Nikkei Asia Prizes 2017

Nikkei Asia Prizes 2017: From IT to IDs

Nandan Nilekani's biometric system puts the poor on the radar while cutting costs


Bilahari Kausikan: North Korea's nuclear threat is here to stay

Northeast Asia must accept that disarmament is a myth

Life & Arts

Malaysian musician enchants audiences with the lovely 'sape'

Traditional instrument is enjoying a resurgence with a new generation

Tea Leaves

September 21, 2017
September 14, 2017
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